• 2FA + Strict Privacy
  • Easy File Transfer Protocols
  • SSH, TOR, I2P Enabled
  • BBSLink, Door Party, CombatNET, More...
  • Agoranet, Araknet, Micronet, Spooknet, Others...
Connection Methods
  • Telnet (bbs.archaicbinary.net) [23]
  • SSH (bbs.archaicbinary.net) [22] (SyncTERM)
  • TOR (old: nrzinzk43rx5v4mg.onion)
  • I2P (archaicbinarybbs.i2p)
  • ZeroNET (hash link)
Telnet Clients

Archaic Binary is a (mostly) command line interpreted bulletin board sytem providing a legacy interface for some useful APIs, Utilities, Files, Message Bases (FTN Style) and access to ANSI/Text Door Games.

Name Category Information Location Info
Ambroshia Games Local
Analog Clock Utility Random project looks ugly but works! Local
Arrow Bridge Games ANSI RPG Local
Arrow Bridge II Games ANSI RPG Local
Ashrella Games Game Server
BBS Crash Games Game Server
Bordello Games Game Server
Chicago Crime Statistics Information Chicago crime statistics and metrics Local/API
Clans, The Games Game Server
Crypto Prices Utility Shows tabular information about crypto-currency Local/API
Darkness Games ANSI/Text RPG Local
Dodgeball Games Game Server
Dog World ][ Games ANSI/Text RPG Local
DoorMUD Games Text RPG Local
Dungeon Master Games ANSI RPG Game Server
Eclectic Avenue Games Game Server
Exitilus Games ANSI/Text RPG Local
Falcons Honor Games ANSI/Text RPG Game Server
Food Fite Games Text Action Game Local
Global War Games Game Server
Global War: Backgammon Games Game Server
Gold Rush Games Game Server
Jezebel Games Game Server
Knowledge Base Information Practice tests, download testing material, more... Local
Local Files Files Local
LORD; Legend of the Red Dragon Games Text RPG Local
Lunatix Games Game Server
Mega Slots Games Game Server
Metal Prices Utility Local/API
MoMUD Games Text RPG Local
MRC (Chat Network) Chat Mystic Relay Chat (Multiple BBSes) Local/Network
Notepad Utility Private (+Public Strong URL/HTTPS) notepad for anything; aka pastebins Local/Network
Oneliners (Graffiti Wall) Chat Multi-BBS oneliner wall Local/Network
OpenVAERS Covid Data Information VAERS COVID Vaccine Adverse Event Reports Local/API
Operation Overkill II Games Text RPG Game Server
Pimp Wars Games Text RPG Game Server
Pit, The Games Local
Practice Tests Information A+, Net+, Security+, Others practice tests multiple choice/flash cards Local
SpotCrime; Local Crime Stats Information Crime stats for your local area (asks for city/state) Local/API
Torrent Browser Files API query door to list and link torrents Local/API
Usurper Games Text RPG Local
Zomato Utility API that queries restaurant databases Local/API
File / Title Modified Type Size
Windows 10 BSOD error APC_INDEX_MISMATCH.txt August 12 2021 text/plain 4112 Bytes
Setup ADFS for Office 365 Single Sign-On.txt August 12 2021 text/plain 4564 Bytes
Increasing Office 365 Exchange Mailbox Size.txt August 12 2021 text/plain 2872 Bytes
Enable SMB1 Shares in Windows 10 2004+.txt August 12 2021 text/plain 666 Bytes
Configure Outlook PST and OST Size Limits.txt August 12 2021 text/plain 4320 Bytes
RemixOS Single Disk MBR Install (No Dual Boot).txt May 03 2017 text/html 4208 Bytes
Change Computer Name to Serial Number VBS.txt January 06 2017 text/plain 2160 Bytes
Cisco 7965 VoIP Phone with Voip.ms.txt August 04 2016 text/html 1704 Bytes
ArchLinux + Cinnamon + More.txt January 13 2016 text/plain 7816 Bytes
Areca Master Password MR5CT2.txt March 10 2014 text/html 699 Bytes
Elder Scrolls Online on Linux.txt February 28 2014 text/html 7600 Bytes
Using GMail as SMTP Client; Custom SMTP.txt July 18 2013 text/plain 979 Bytes
Google Voice, Asterisk, Motif Channel Driver.txt May 29 2013 text/html 2756 Bytes
How to Setup Postfix.txt March 01 2013 text/plain 1780 Bytes
Android Tips, Commands, Modifications.txt November 29 2012 text/plain 600 Bytes
Mount_Convert BIN-CUE Files Linux.txt November 02 2012 text/html 517 Bytes
TriBBS, Fidonet, TriDOG and TriTOSS.txt September 22 2012 text/html 6748 Bytes
BR-3 OBD2 Scan Tool Software.txt September 21 2012 text/html 575 Bytes
m0n0wall on an Watchguard Firebox III 700.txt January 30 2012 text/plain 556 Bytes
Google Voice, Asterisk, Motif.txt December 05 2011 text/html 2756 Bytes
File / Title Modified Type Size
Arrow Bridge - Quest for the Orb.txt September 17 2021 text/plain 16920 Bytes
Arrow Bridge II - Guardians of Darkness.txt September 17 2021 text/plain 48950 Bytes
Darkness.txt September 17 2021 text/plain 26775 Bytes
The Pit Tips and Tricks.txt September 17 2021 text/plain 3504 Bytes
Usurper.txt September 17 2021 text/plain 18234 Bytes
LORD Tips and Tricks.txt September 17 2021 text/plain 11057 Bytes
Name Information Info
IPTIA BBS resources, BBS listings and more.
The Quantum Wormhole TQW BBS Runs the tqwRadio station and other resources along with tqwNet FTN.

ArchaicNET is a file distribution network (FDN) which allows your BBS users to browse and download files that are not hosted on your BBS. Although this service is designed to be used by Sysops, anyone can simply telnet to the service and get files.

Sysops can add ArchaicNET by adding a menu item that uses either Telnet or RLOGIN to port 8523 and 8513 respectively. If you are using RLOGIN be absolutely sure your not sending any credentials. The ArchaicNET interface will follow the 'gui' command interface of Archaic Binary.

Service Port Encoding
Telnet 8523 ANSI / CP437
RLOGIN 8513 ANSI / CP437
Service Notes
Discord Automatic posts to the general channel when user plays a door game. Sometimes general chat.
Facebook Automatic posts to page when user plays door game. No interaction, we will not reply.
Twitter Automatic tweets when user plays door game. No interaction, we will not reply.
** Almost all social media is automated, we have no interest using social media to respond. Please contact the Sysop for near instant replies. **